Thursday, September 11, 2014

Launch Details

We are right around the corner from the sale so we are going to jump right into the details of what is cooking.

The sale will be this Sunday, September 14th at 9 PM EST. There will be a few different price points for the assortment. It was hard coming to the final price for these MK IV editions of the figures. I had previously sold a very simplified version of Geodraxus for $40. Adding a lot more to the table, I wanted to keep the price as low as I possibly could. Comparing to our brothers and sisters who make production figures, there is a bit of a price jump. The main reason is that I am fabricating each one by hand rather than a factory producing them. Anyways, here is the skinny.

They are as follows :

The 4 different colorway options will be $45 each. Each figure comes with a bonus head and a bonus weapon arm . A total of 9 individual Glyos compatible piece.

There will be a few custom figures for $55 each .

Lastly, a few one off cast figures for $40 each. A total of 7 individual Glyos compatible pieces (No Bonus parts).

I would also like to thank Ben Spencer for printing these stellar cards for the packaging! I wanted to give a little extra to the figures overall appearance and he nailed it!

More new stuff will be popping up over the next few days until the sale. Now, back to packing with the Onell family.

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