Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Swaz !!!

That's not a real human arm clearly, however it is a very awesome cast of one! I took a trip down to Reynolds Advanced Materials a few days ago and got some supplies. These dudes sling all the materials that Smooth-On offers and more! I was super stoked to see there was a facility sort of close to me. No more shipping! Hah! Anyway, I have been taking a few side jobs on myself as well as wrapping the Treeborg release up. My good buddies Seth Lampert and Drew Norton( You can check him and his stuff on instagram @Aparkernorton)  have been keeping me busy with their awesome new projects. Both of these dudes have been working hard on these guys and now they will be selling them respectively soon! So stayed tuned for that!

The Treeborg project is almost done! The past few months I have been busting my rump trying to make this release a good one! I really want this launch to offer a good variety of original handcast treats, so I hope you all like! I am going to be cranking on some more Treeborg mini figures and then its launch time! I will also be teaming up with Marcus of Onell to get this site running properly as well! A lot more to come, so stay posted!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Whew! After many many hours of sculpting, the Treeborg mini figure is complete! More details on this guy and more soon!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Tree Action

Been keeping super busy on the Treeborg project as of late. I had a sit down with the father of glyos and he gave me a great idea to go along with the Treeborgs. Its amazing how this insane man thinks! Anyway, the idea was to make a figure with some of the already existing Treeborg parts.

Some of the above pictures are WIP shots of the Treeborg soldier (working title) utilizing the foot part of the Treeborg( also Matts idea). I still need to add some armor and tree effects to him, but should make molding soon! I want to this release to have a few good elements to them, so lets hope this little guy makes the grade!

And finally, I got my hands on Matt Walkers new Monster Kolor resin dye! I must say, his products are top quality and nothing shy of spectacular. I can't say enough great stuff about this dye! And thanks for the extras Chooch!

Some more WIP shots and other swaz soon!