Friday, February 26, 2016

Glazing In Effect

Here is a shot of the Acetone Vapor Bathing set-up. After the figures have been cleaned and scraped, they get prepped and dipped into the smoothing pools !

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cranking Away

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of Spaced Out content and or updates, been chipping away at the latest assortment of figures at the shop. Still trying to find a good balance between it all, but rest assured that new product and content is coming to those of you that are looking to explore a new section of the universe! Its been a very interesting transition from casting in urethane and mold making to manufacturing 3D printed figures. Let me say that in the many years I spent making molds and casting, 3D printing takes the cake on the labor load! Hah! I find it is more labor intensive post printed parts, but the end results are very satisfying and rewarding. Just to give a ballpark idea of the time it takes to make a Spaced Out toy; every figure can take up to 12-15 hours just to make one complete. This includes printing time, clean-up and scraping each surface, prepping for acetone, vapor bathing, tooling and assembling. This does not include things like: overnight cure for acetone vapor bathing and or painting/customizing. Needless to say, it takes awhile and your hands are into these guys a lot!

Above are some shots from the shop in the clean-up stage. Back to work!
(Yes, I tried taking a panoramic shot)