Thursday, June 13, 2019


On the outskirts of Prismiria's main city of Staltus, Geodraxus is alerted to the Obsidyre Ore mining beds as he senses a threatening source. Geodraxus is deeply rooted to his planet and knows when Prismiria ails. Could it be the return of the Obsidyre Ore Hunters? 

The Obsidyre Ore that grows within the clusters of  Prismiria's crystals is possibly one of the strongest energy sources in the system. There has been many attempts in stealing the sacred ore but only few were successful in their heist. In the wrong hands, Obsidyre Ore could be manipulated into things like weaponry and improper augmentation of living beings, things Geo would never stand for. Synthesizing with the crystals has only been allowed through the ranks of the Prismirian Knights and Geodraxus himself to serve as protectors of the planet and its assets.

Upon searching the mines, everything seemed to be in order. The crystals were all radiant and the Obsidyre Ore had not been removed from their respective clusters. Something lurks in the shadows as Geo mulls over the shimmering deposits...

Once again, thank you Pat for providing this amazing illustration! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Thank You!

I want to give everyone a Prismiria sized thank you for making the second full production wave of Geodraxus spectacular! My wife Sydney and myself spent all weekend post launch crunching orders and getting everything ready to see the post Monday. We both sincerely appreciate all the support we have been receiving from you all, it means the world to us!  As of this post, all orders since the launch have been packed and shipped. You should be seeing them later this week. 

This wave in particular is very special to me as it serves as the first time this new "flecking" effect has been captured in PVC form outside of translucent figures with glitter in the Glyos world. Since the inception of Geo, I always imagined a defined rock type version of him that looks just like the Grannikor figure. I imagine the Prismirian base form would be something close to granite/stone. Over time they can augment themselves with the various crystals that grow within Prismiria to give them special powers and effects. Having the ability to produce these base versions of Geo was a great accomplishment and I couldn't be any happier with the results!

Luckily, Matt found himself in a target one day and spotted the Grey Gargoyle figure from Hasbro's Marvel Legends line. We would later submit this to our factory in an effort to try and replicate the PVC effect for this launch. Thank you Eagle Eye Doughty!

The next release is slated for late August - early September. We will be exploring a new part of Prismiria, so get ready to sift through some new dusty and uncharted lands! 

Once again, thank you for the wonderful roll out! I am looking forward to seeing what you guys think of this latest wave once you get them in hand.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Wave 2 Is Live !

The Shop is live !

I want to give a special thank you to our good pal Pat Bussey for absolutely knocking it out of the park with this illustration! Thanks again for the stunning visuals!

*Limits will be lifted after the first hour*

Grannikor Guardian

Obsidyre Ore Hunter

Amerost Knights

Stealth Squad Assemble!

Geodraxus Grannikor

Geodraxus Amethyrian

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Gathering The Defences

A new entity threatens the crystal mines of Prismria this Friday, June 7th at 9PM EST in the shop!