Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thank You!

     A massive thank you goes out to everyone who supported and participated in the Banimon Custom Corps. You guys are the best! Words can't express how lucky we truly are to have such incredible people support what we all love and create. To me, it still doesn't feel real. Ive spent the better part of the last four months on this project and it has been equal parts awesome and sad to see these guys go. This Custom Corps became integrated in my daily life and feels weird not coming home to a bunch of figures on my table!
     A huge thanks goes out Matt and Jesse for their continued support in everything I have done. These dudes have been a huge flow of positive energy and weighed in heavily throughout this project. Another huge thanks to Boris Savic and Seth Longmire for all their input and support. It was fun being able to collaborate with such talented artists!

    Banimon's 1st Custom Corps will be something I hope we all will remember for years to come, and we can't thank you guys enough for being apart of it!