Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moore Shop Pics

With Jesse's latest launch coming to a close, all I can say is WOW! This man has put his heart and soul into all of his projects, but this one was a bit more. Its been a bunch of late nights at the shop with him and I and also at the homestead. These took a little longer than anticipated but I personally think its worth the wait. I know I cant wait to put mine in my collection! There was a lot more added process with this assortment and I can say that I really dig the direction Jesse is taking his stuff. With every launch, he pushes his shit to the next level. Its incredible coming into this just a few years ago and seeing these advances in the toys themselves. Congrats bud! In other news, with all this pretty much done on my end, I will be returning to my swaz that I have going. Still need to get some more supplies but hopefully Ill be moving into the studio soon so I can get working on my sculpts and casting. Ventros is going to undergo some changes. I really cant wait to tell the whole story and have these guys finally be at the point where I am comfortable releasing them. Ill be posting more pics of him soon!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wraiths, and Hexxers, and Beards, Oh my!

Its been a busy past few weeks for the bearded fella and I . Between getting my latest project underway and helping out Jesse, Ive been able to stay out of trouble. I am super stoked about his latest assortment of figures and vinyl. He has really brought his art to the next level and uses pvc and vinyl as his canvas. I cant convey how awesome the colors on these bad boys look. The pictures really do not do them enough justice. Ill keep on hammering away at what is left. There is a ton of work Jesse has incorporated in these beyond the figures themselves. I think everyone will be pleased once they are done. I know I cant wait to see the finished products! Now, Back to work!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Setting Up Shop

Been helping Jesse with his latest launch over at the screen print shop the past few weeks and stuff is going good. Above the screen print shop lies a new studio that now belongs to us... I mainly will be setting some tables and get this casting swaz under way and basically move all my stuff there.Need to still get a pressure pot and a air compressor. Jesse and I have some ideas for some sweet projects. Some are glyos related and some aren't... But we will take small steps towards those because there is a lot of work still to be done in other areas. Keep checking back and see what the latest is. Here is the space and a sign I made.