Sunday, June 22, 2014

Antagonistic Force

On the other side of Prismiria, Cynodraxus is searching for Geodraxus frantically. Fleeting through an ancient Synchrode, the wrathful Cynodraxus  suddenly stops to gather energy prior to confronting Prismiria's heroic champion. This familar, yet dangerous force may leave Prismiria in complete turmoil.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I have been working feverishly over at the shop the past few months, and I am in a good rhythm!  It has been amazing, yet challenging getting Geodraxus where he is currently. I couldn't of got here without the assistance of  Matt and Ron. These two masters have been instrumental in getting me where I need to be and I can not thank them enough!

I have been experimenting with a lot of different things ranging from new casting methods to new tooling. I am super happy to say that this new figure is 100% Glyos compatible and the joints are tight! I have been having a lot of fun swapping the parts around and plugging them on various Glyos compatible toy lines! I wanted to share a few photos of whats been brewing with old Geo, I hope everyone gets a kick out of it!

More pics and details will surface soon for this release. Get ready for some pictures from Prismiria, Geodraxus' home planet!