Thursday, December 3, 2015

In Transit

The first round of orders are packed and ready to hit the post in the morning! Thank you for coming out last night and checking out the latest Spaced Out offerings. I am truly humble to be able to share these creations with everyone. It has been super fun making theses guys and I am absolutely psyched for them to wander out into the wild!

The next wave of orders should roll out tomorrow afternoon. Check your email for shipping notifications. If you don't see yours, it is on the way!

I would like to thank the talented pixel master Marcus for whipping the site into shape and making it fit the latest theme! We worked many hours designing and tweaking elements that I think work well with Acris' universe. Thanks again brother!I would also like to thank Matt for his council on all of these projects that I decide to pursue. Matt has been a true inspiration to me when it comes to making toys. I can never thank you enough big bro!

Thanks again for peeking into the depths of Acris' realm. There is much more to come!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rise of Acris

New figures have landed in the Shop, make sure you refresh the page!

There is a small assortment left from this years Designer Con as well as some fun extras. (make sure you scroll to the bottom of the shop!) Hope you see something you like this round!

Designer Con Remnants Tonight !

Tonight, December 2nd at 9PM Est will be the release of the Designer Con Remnants! The shop will return tonight, so check back then! Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Designer Con Reveal 1

In the depths of Acris' forge, he is manufacturing some Mecha Acris Glyaxia Forgery Units.

Monday, November 9, 2015

New Phases

Welcome to the new Spaced Out Design site!

I have been extremely busy behind the scenes developing a whole new Glyos compatible 3D printed toy line that will be debuting this year at Designer Con ! Its been equal parts fun and painful working through the tricks of 3D printing, but it certainly feels rewarding in the end. Over the next week leading up to Designer Con, I will be posting the new toy line in full force that will be available at the show and online after.

As far as the story I am telling goes, I am shifting things from Prismiria and Geodraxus to focus on Acris. This mechanical space engineer has some fun things in store I think! The whole site has now been outfitted to portray the new mechanical universe we are entering!

Huge thanks to Marcus for making the website top notch! We both have been working hard to make this site unique and his influence certainly bleeds through here. Thanks again Brother!

For now, check out the new layout of the site! The new Vault section has an archive of past releases from online and conventions. At the new Files section, you can find view able/printable blueprints from Acris himself! Also, the Shop will be returning full force post Designer Con .

Thanks for checking the latest bits out, more pictures will be surfacing soon with some reveals!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy 8th Anniversary Glyos!

Today is a very special day. Today marks the eighth year of the Glyos System Series being manufactured! Its such a great thing seeing my favorite independent toy line surviving and growing each and every year. I have had the ultimate privilege to play a small component to the shipping process over there the past few years as well as collaborating with my best friend on multiple toy endeavors. It is this toy line, and this friendship that has brought me to where I am the happiest and most creative! For that I will always be thankful.

Its my personal hope that Glyos continues venturing down fun roads exploring all there is in the Glyos universe.

The special anniversary sale starts Tonight, July 21st at 9:30 EST in the Glyos shop! Certainly one of my favorite waves so far!

Here is to Eight great years buddy, and many more to come! 

Monday, July 20, 2015


Mecha Acris is coming along nicely and should see his first print-out soon!

More to follow!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Acris FIles: ORC Prototype

These ORC units I imagine are Acris' heavy duty soldiers. These big hulking brutes tear down anything in there path with there telescopic Acrohammers in their chunky mitts ! Certainly these boys are a force to be reckoned with! However, these guys are not mass produced in armies like some of the other infantry. Sold mainly in tiny squads because of their power and the sheer cost of them.

Again we see the gray un-acetoned print and green acetoned print. I find it neat to compare and contrast the way these prints look when put through some vapors. Ben did a great job on keeping the detail on the processed figures! Another thanks to the champion!

Next up something much smaller!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Dimensions

Following up on the previous post, here are some raw and processed 3D prints of my latest figures (Thanks Ben!). The TAPF solider being the first 3D modeled figure and the GOBLIN being the second one. The small guys are coming in at 2.5" and the jumbos are hovering at about 7.5". The small scaled figures were designed to fit right in with the Glyos System Series making them Glyos compatible! Some neat swaps can be made with these ABS guys.

The jumbos feel like a nice clunky figure in your hands. Ratcheting these guys around the past few weeks has been really fun. These big boys are not Glyos compatible (yet) but they are neat in their own right. I imagine the little guys piloting these big suits of themselves. Inception!  

Ill be posting up the next two figures shortly. Think Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, with a dash of Starcraft as the inspiration for this line going forward!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Acris Files: Infantry Blueprints

Here are a few Blueprints of Acris' latest soldiers he has been developing up on his ship. All units are currently undergoing final prototyping.

Some 3D printed ABS figure photos coming up !

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Tech

The past few months I have been investing a good amount of time into the 3D modelling world and have been having fun playing and learning this new universe. I have been working on Acris but also putting time in these new infantry units created by Acris. The first soldier (On the left) is from the TAPF Infantry Unit. This is Acris' second engineered soldier. The Acrites being his first engineered soldier. On the right is his beta solider titled GOBLIN. I imagine both of these guys mass produced by Acris as his defensive weapons.

I finished these two figures and sent them off to 3D Printing Pro, Ben Mininberg. Ben was nice enough to entertain my designs and make them an ABS reality. Thanks Ben!

 I'll be popping up some more photos and intel later!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Its been a few months since I last posted on here, but I am excited to get back into the action! Back in December I got a new job with more responsibilities, so the creative endeavors got slowed down a bit. Since then, I have been trying to find the balance between that and what I am building here with Spaced Out Design. I have been steadily working on a new figure and a few other miscellaneous projects that will be popping up over the next few weeks.

I am truly excited about sharing this next figure however. His first sketches and outline began quite a few years ago when I started really getting into toys and thinking it could be something I could supplement my life with. Since then, I have been adding and improving on his overall design in between other projects like Geodraxus and Quarzenic.

Acris holds a very special place in my overall vision. He was the first critical design I wanted to pursue and hope to perfect. He still is going through changes as I speak but I know he will land in a good place in the end.( Hopefully!)

Anyway, I figured I would throw up some pictures of both of my worlds, work and toys! I now have a powerful laser cutting machine at my disposal and 3D modelling software, so I have been busy noodling around there as well. Here are some patterns I drew and cut out of Acris, along with some early study sculpts and some shop casts!