Monday, July 20, 2015


Mecha Acris is coming along nicely and should see his first print-out soon!

More to follow!


  1. Good gravy, is that guy beefy.

    All of the Acris stuff is looking pretty sharp so far, PJ! It's cool to see what you've been up to with more "mechanized" sculpts and designs, especially when matched-up with the more "natural" look of Geodraxus and company. Keep up the awesome work, dude!

    1. Thanks Roy!

      I definitely wanted to add another layer to the existing figures, and I am glad you are digging it! Acris has been one I have been developing for almost 4 years now! Crazy! Excited to see where this one will end up.

      With all that has been going on, it made sense to do him in a more mechanical aspect. Some day we will see him in his original more organic form!