Friday, August 30, 2013

BCC 1 Is Live!

              Banimon Custom Corps One is live!!! Jet over to the store and get yours!


     Banimon's first Custom Corps is ready to deploy Tonight, August 30th, at 9:30 EST . It is hard to believe after all these months working on the Custom Corps, the day Is almost here to let them out into the wild. Each one of these figures are truly special and have all sorts of neat embellishments all over them! It has been an awesome experience working alongside Boris and Seth!

     Here is the breakdown of what will be on tap tonight-

     Standard Banimon Custom Corps Figure - $30 (Limit two per customer)

     Deluxe Banimon Custom Corps Figure- $40 (Limit one per customer)

     Most of the teasers we shared have been the standard edition of the Custom Corps. This photo exhibits one of the deluxe figures from the assortment. Along with these beefier deluxe figures, there will be a special edition screen printed map! The special Banimon Map has new areas never before seen, and locations of where some of these mercenaries hail from. Boris has really gone the extra mile on these bad boys!

     More leading up to the launch so stay tuned!






Monday, August 12, 2013

First Instincts

     With Gobon just having his most proper debut yet, this custom was best fitted for our next teaser. Personally, Gobon is my favorite character in terms of Matt and Michelle's universe. He was introduced to me in a way I can't really explain in just a small blurb. So prepare for a wave!

     A number of years ago I met one of my favorite artists to date, Jesse Moore. At this time, I was heavy into toys of all sorts. The world of toys became something that I obsessed over constantly. It was a period of time where so many things were inspiring me. I was a sponge trying to absorb all I could, and was always hungry for more! Through my day job, I was able to stumble across the bearded mans path.

      A few hours had passed and we were in a vortex of discussions about toys and art. During this event, I knew my life was about to drastically change. We are both nerds that have a lot in common, and immediately bonded. He later educated me about Glyos and Callgrim. I was so ecstatic to meet someone who created something I loved so much, and live down the street from me! I HAD to see more. Most of you who know Jesse, know that he is a very generous person. He had invited me to his home and showed me some of the toys that inspired him, along with toys he had made. I was marveling over his insane collection of vintage toys and current toys. My senses were totally nuked at this point, until I saw this meatball of a figure!

     After almost going into shock over possibly one of the most overwhelming experiences, something caught my eye up in Jesse's toy lair. It was a roundish, Doctor Robotnik - looking toy that broke the tension I had been having in the plastic museum. For about a minute I felt tranquil and started inspecting the figure. Jesse then explained to me that the creator of this figure started the whole Glyos System Series of toys. When I picked up that Gobon, I had a feeling of joy that is unmatched to this day!

      So, Gobon holds a very special place in my soul. He is still my one of my favorite toys to mess with. I love painting and customizing him, and was super excited to incorporate him in the Banimon Custom Corps. (Maybe even more than once...) Jesse opened my eyes to an incredible toy line and an equally incredible community, for this I give many thanks!

 This particular version is piloted by a Banigoth. A very rustic version that is a death machine to all in his path! More details of the release and more photos soon!