Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Designer Con Reveal 1

In the depths of Acris' forge, he is manufacturing some Mecha Acris Glyaxia Forgery Units.

Monday, November 9, 2015

New Phases

Welcome to the new Spaced Out Design site!

I have been extremely busy behind the scenes developing a whole new Glyos compatible 3D printed toy line that will be debuting this year at Designer Con ! Its been equal parts fun and painful working through the tricks of 3D printing, but it certainly feels rewarding in the end. Over the next week leading up to Designer Con, I will be posting the new toy line in full force that will be available at the show and online after.

As far as the story I am telling goes, I am shifting things from Prismiria and Geodraxus to focus on Acris. This mechanical space engineer has some fun things in store I think! The whole site has now been outfitted to portray the new mechanical universe we are entering!

Huge thanks to Marcus for making the website top notch! We both have been working hard to make this site unique and his influence certainly bleeds through here. Thanks again Brother!

For now, check out the new layout of the site! The new Vault section has an archive of past releases from online and conventions. At the new Files section, you can find view able/printable blueprints from Acris himself! Also, the Shop will be returning full force post Designer Con .

Thanks for checking the latest bits out, more pictures will be surfacing soon with some reveals!