Thursday, May 25, 2023

Thank You!


Thank you all for the super strong response to the lastest (mini) wave of figures! This was a fun wave to put together and I truly hope you all enjoy the figures once they land!

As of this post, almost all of the orders since launch night have hit the post and should be landing to people now. There is a small handful that will be going out today and tomorrow as they keep coming in. 

Also, keep an eye out from time to time in the Spaced Out Shop as there will be some oddities appearing randomly. I am going to be implementing something new to keep things fresh and exciting. You might find something amusing while checking in!

Thank you all once again for keeping the ship afloat and allowing me to continue exploring the outer rim of my creative!

Friday, May 19, 2023

Wave 13 Is LIVE!

 The Shop is live ! 

Big thanks to Beardo for bringing the thunder on this one! Thanks brother!!!

Typhermech Armachna Crawler


SD Effect!

 For this latest wave, we teamed up with the supremely talented SeN to deliver some really fun additions to peoples orders once they arrive. I have had the privilege to see some behind the scenes action of what they have been cooking up and I wanted to get in on the fun. SeN has some new Glyos holographic stickers available right now at their shop that is sure to put a smile on Glyos fans faces! My top three favorites in no particular order are: The Renegade, Pheyaos, and Matt Doughty himself. Please drop in and check them out - 

SeN and I have some more fun projects planned for the near future, so stay tuned! Thanks again, SeN!

Typhermech Prismirian Knight


Typhermech Armachna

 This is an all new build utilizing every part from two Geodraxus figures. So many combinations can be achieved within this form. More soon!

Armachna Form


Geodraxus Tetrastorm


Thursday, May 18, 2023



A new Geo emerges from the savage storm ravaging Prismiria. Geodraxus now stands with the power of the ethereal storm imbued within them. Who is this new entity and what are their motives? Find out Tomorrow, May 19th at 9PM EST in the Spaced Out Shop.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023



A storm coagulates above Prismiria as we prepare for our 13th Wave, this Friday, May 19th, at 9PM EST in the Spaced Out Shop. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Thank You!

 Thank you all for being apart of one of my favorite waves to date! This one was extra special even though it may have taken a bit longer than I anticipated. I do truly feel like it was worth the wait overall and we are extremely satisfied with the results. I won't drag on about the gravity of this clear painted figure in production as I have stated it in a previous post, but man, this is awesome!

 As of this post, all orders have been packed out and shipped. Orders should start to land today and I can't wait for you all to receive them. Note: Make sure to warm up the figures before swapping them around during these cold months. Veteran Glyos people already know, but for some of the newer people, please take care with these plastic shards!

 Thank you all once again for your support! I can't believe we are entering our 5th year in production already. Feels like just yesterday we were looking at the first pvc samples of Geo. I will never forget that day...

 One last but important special thank you goes out to our Musical Maniac Marcus for giving the website a really nice refresh! Thank you brother!

Friday, January 13, 2023

Wave 12 is Live!

A big thanks goes out to Dillon Wheelock for his spectacular contributions on this new wave! He has been doing some really great work across the Glyos realm and it is refreshing to see his take on Geo with his signature style. Thanks again, Dillon!  

Geodraxus Gradien

 Ever since the early days of Geo there had been talks of doing a clear painted version in production. It had been something Matt and I would discuss about at length, but unfortunately it was never a possibility. There had been many attempts yielding varying results over the past decade in our factory. Fast forward to 2023 and we are holding a fully clear painted production figure! We have collectively broke through a barrier not only in the Glyos world, but toy production as a whole. I have never seen or held something that was 100% clear painted in a factory format and I am so glad Geo got the treatment that I have been dreaming of for years...

 One of my favorite things to do even before production had been airbrushing clear gradients on figures. The fusion of many vibrant colors made for such a great end result and was heavily influenced by the great Matt Walker of Monster Kolor.

 This specific figure that I have been carrying around non stop is the holy grail of Geo's to me. It is sleek and shines in such a way that can only truly be appreciated in hand. I am so very happy with the final product and I hope you all enjoy this new figure when it arrives!

Crystalline Cliff

Dark Legionnaire Husk


Geodraxus Tetriun

We are still on track for a new selection of figures Tonight, January 13th at 9PM EST in the Spaced Out Shop

Geodraxus Tetriun Alpha


Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Dark Deception


After one of our toughest years yet, we emerge scarred but ready to step back in the ring again! Please join us this Friday, January 13th at 9PM EST for a new release to kick off the year! We will have a few surprises on Friday that you won't want to miss. Some of which has been in the works for many years and we can't wait to share it with all of you!

More very soon, so stay tuned!