Tuesday, February 23, 2021


     Thank you all so much for a powerful start to the year! This launch will stand as one of the craziest waves to date with all of you showing massive support. We knew going into this one that these colors would be popular but we did not expect it to this degree. All of the orders have shipped and most of you should have these in hand by now. If you are still waiting, I ask to please be patient as USPS has been experiencing delays but they are working on getting your packages to you. Both Sydney and myself worked double time to get these orders processed and out of the door. I am forever grateful to each and everyone of you for allowing me to continue producing these little gems, you guys are the best.

A massive thank you goes out to my partner in toys, Matt, for donating his time to this latest round. These photos would not be what they are without him and I am forever grateful to this man. Collaborating with Matt has by far been one of the most rewarding things in my life and I am psyched to share this project with him. I don't think I can bring him enough Chick-fil-A to thank him, but I will always try!

Another big thanks to Jason Ho for bringing the thunder with his latest installment to the Spaced Out universe. It is always a treat for us to work with him and I swear each launch he raises the already high bar. You are the best!

Moving forward, we are continuing to adjust the numbers and also seeing an influx of new people. The intention is always to get these in everyone who wants them hands. We will continue to best accommodate you all but please bear with us and most importantly, have fun!

Thank you all again for a great launch and we will see you all very soon!

Friday, February 12, 2021

Wave 8 Is Live!

The Shop is live ! 


Please Limit One Order Within The First Hour Tonight. Thank you for understanding!

Another masterfully crafted piece delivered from the incomparable 
Jason Ho ! With every installment we do, you somehow raise the bar each and every time. Thank you so much brother for sharing your talents with us all!

Hyper Reaver Phantavoss


Geodraxus Phantavoss Alpha


Geodraxus Phantavoss

 Something spectral is among us...

Geodraxus Spectre Alpha


Geodraxus Spectre


Geodraxus Hades Alpha

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


An unidentified ship crashes near the Glacydian sector of Prismiria. Find out what lies inside this Friday, February 12th at 9PM EST in the Spaced Out Shop