Friday, November 17, 2017

Designer Con 2017

Another Pasadena adventure is in the bag! We had a great trip out at Designer Con 2017 with our crew! It was a bitter sweet trip this year as it marks the last Dcon in Pasadena. We have been doing this show for 4 years now and it will certainly be missed at this special location.

I know I have been pretty quiet on the social outlets as of late. This year has been a busy one for me in many ways. Probably the biggest piece was getting married to my best friend of almost 10 years last month! It took a great deal of preparation and focus for that event, so my time became very limited with free activity. However, that did not stop me from developing new creations in the Spaced Out Universe!

I debuted a few things at Dcon '17 including a new Glyos compatible resin line called "The Spaced Out Compact Series". A few of my canon characters had been reworked into small and minimally jointed figures. It was really neat seeing my sculpts tiny and very detailed. The response to these little guys was very positive so definitely look out for more in the near future!

The other new offerings this year were some new 3D printed figures coming from Prismiria. The "Prismirites" are companion pieces to beings of Prismiria. There is 2 versions of the figures with differing parts. Just a small amount of these figures were released in the public. Expect a full release early 2018.

Everything is starting to fall back into place more or less. Be on the lookout for new Spaced Out figures and announcements soon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Setting the Scene

As the year starts to unfold, I decided to make a new set for the Corteric Hunters. The new backdrop is supposed to depict a training subsection of the massive Corteric Base. I had originally 3D printed a transformable set back in November, but was not completely satisfied with the end result. Working in the precision sheet metal field gave me this opportunity to make it the way I had originally envisioned.

Making new sets was something my good friend Matt Doughty always pushed. I personally love fabricating new areas for our characters to dwell in! Above are a few in progress shots of the set being built. This hefty sucker is made out of 14 gauge steel! Ill be posting more on sets soon! 

Also I threw a quick sketch up as my laundry was drying yesterday. Corteric Hunters inbound!