Friday, January 13, 2023

Geodraxus Gradien

 Ever since the early days of Geo there had been talks of doing a clear painted version in production. It had been something Matt and I would discuss about at length, but unfortunately it was never a possibility. There had been many attempts yielding varying results over the past decade in our factory. Fast forward to 2023 and we are holding a fully clear painted production figure! We have collectively broke through a barrier not only in the Glyos world, but toy production as a whole. I have never seen or held something that was 100% clear painted in a factory format and I am so glad Geo got the treatment that I have been dreaming of for years...

 One of my favorite things to do even before production had been airbrushing clear gradients on figures. The fusion of many vibrant colors made for such a great end result and was heavily influenced by the great Matt Walker of Monster Kolor.

 This specific figure that I have been carrying around non stop is the holy grail of Geo's to me. It is sleek and shines in such a way that can only truly be appreciated in hand. I am so very happy with the final product and I hope you all enjoy this new figure when it arrives!

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