Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Tech

The past few months I have been investing a good amount of time into the 3D modelling world and have been having fun playing and learning this new universe. I have been working on Acris but also putting time in these new infantry units created by Acris. The first soldier (On the left) is from the TAPF Infantry Unit. This is Acris' second engineered soldier. The Acrites being his first engineered soldier. On the right is his beta solider titled GOBLIN. I imagine both of these guys mass produced by Acris as his defensive weapons.

I finished these two figures and sent them off to 3D Printing Pro, Ben Mininberg. Ben was nice enough to entertain my designs and make them an ABS reality. Thanks Ben!

 I'll be popping up some more photos and intel later!


  1. Awesome! I have to delve into the world of 3-D designed and printed toys soon. A friend of Beth's works with 3-D Printers and says there exists a tablet or smart phone which has a camera designed for 3-D capturing macro objects. I need to try using that to scan some of my sculpts so they can be edited and printed. These guys are looking like a lot of fun!

  2. That is awesome Chris. Sounds like you will be on your way making some prints!
    I am having fun noodling around in this new world. Going to post up some more photos later today.