Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Dimensions

Following up on the previous post, here are some raw and processed 3D prints of my latest figures (Thanks Ben!). The TAPF solider being the first 3D modeled figure and the GOBLIN being the second one. The small guys are coming in at 2.5" and the jumbos are hovering at about 7.5". The small scaled figures were designed to fit right in with the Glyos System Series making them Glyos compatible! Some neat swaps can be made with these ABS guys.

The jumbos feel like a nice clunky figure in your hands. Ratcheting these guys around the past few weeks has been really fun. These big boys are not Glyos compatible (yet) but they are neat in their own right. I imagine the little guys piloting these big suits of themselves. Inception!  

Ill be posting up the next two figures shortly. Think Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, with a dash of Starcraft as the inspiration for this line going forward!

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