Sunday, September 14, 2014


I just wanted to sneak in a brief idea of what to expect from these figures that will be available in the new Spaced Out shop. Essentially, what we are dealing with is a 100% Glyos compatible urethane prototype. The nature of this material (urethane plastic) is not comparable to what we are used to handling as far as Glyos figures and other PVC figures go, which most of you already know.

 Overtime the joints can become loose depending on how much handling the figure has had. A little super glue wipe and they can be tightened pretty easily I have found. (A technique I would suggest to implement upon extensive use). If you have handled prototypes before, you will see some likenesses and differences with what I am offering here. Being aware of the nature of the material helps, so things like  taking joints out directly will preserve the toys life . What I mean by directly is, pulling at the joint straight out, and not torquing/bending the joint. Urethane can be broken. If something doesn't feel right, don't force it. Unfortunately there is no replacements parts for these figures as most are one of a kind. Other than that, these are fun figures to play and mess around with !

More stuff leading up to tonight's sale!

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