Friday, March 22, 2024


An unfamiliar Biovessel skirts the plains of Prismiria's most heavily guarded moon, Chronidyre. Known for its newly discovered Time Traveling Ore, this makes Chronidyre a frequently targeted area.  However, something aboard this Biovessel alerted Prismiran forces to immediately dispatch an Extraction Unit to investigate this strange signal. The only course of action the Extraction Unit could command under the strict guidelines of the planet, was to take the anomaly down. What the team discovered in the wreckage was something they had never seen before...

A huge thank you goes out to Sen for absolutely nailing the scene above! It was a blast working with them in connection to Onell's 100th wave. I am really excited to see more of our collective stories develop together!

Another special thanks to Matt for always leaving the door open and letting our universes collide! That ship was coming in fast, Bropes!

See you at 9 PM EST!

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