Saturday, March 12, 2016


(Just a few hundred miles away from planet Velgeris...)

After the massive success of selling his latest infantry by the fleets, we find Acris sifting through space in search of a new specimen worthy of his tech. Drifting along, his ship starts passing over planet Velgeris. A few spikes appeared on his radar claiming a high source of power was near. Unsure of the spike, Acris decides to take a defensive stance in response to this anomaly. However, it was too late to defend his ship from the invaders. The Treeborgs of Velgeris pummeled into his ship with haste. They raided his armory and labs and took anything they could find in a scramble. Acris' defense team on board was too late as well to take action against these scavengers of tech. They fled the ship to return to Velgeris with their newly acquired power. 

The necessary repairs were made to the ship immediately after the attack. Acris prepared his team of  Mecha Acris and Vyvocree units for a massive search and destroy mission on Velgeris. This may have been the new specimen he was looking for after all, or possibly not...

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