Sunday, March 13, 2016


Wow! I simply can't thank you guys enough for coming out the other night for the Mecha Treeborg release!

Seeing the Treeborgs evolve into a more mechanized form was truly something I wanted to make back when I was developing the characters in 2012. I imagined them a little more menacing and scaled up a bit from their resin predecessor. It has been incredibly fun painting and grubbing these figures up to showcase their true states. Thanks again for all your support, without it, I would not be where I am today!

Special thanks to my three brothers Marcus,Matt, and Jesse for all having their DNA in most of these endeavors. Marcus continues to be my rock when it comes to making the site what it is. Without him, the site would not run and look as good as it does. He really puts his best intentions into it and does not cut corners when it comes to making it the absolute best it can be. I can never thank you enough!

Big thanks to the bearded printing wizard for letting me play around in the shop to print some stickers for the packaging. Jesse has been the busiest I have ever seen him running his printing empire and making his dreams come true. Congrats on busting rump and still helping goofs in your spare time!

And last but certainly not least, Matt. He continues to have the best advice and still inspires me in ways I have never been inspired before. We are constantly on the phone discussing so many things but he always takes the time out and really gets critical when it comes to design and function of my toy line which is something I am always thankful for. Thanks again for all that you do big man!

The bulk of the orders have been packed and are ready to see the post this afternoon. Most of you should of got shipping notices yesterday.

Keep your eyes open for more Mecha Treeborg items in the future along with some new figures as well!

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