Saturday, August 13, 2022



A massive heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped us bring Wave 11 to light! 2022 has been quite a challenging year on multiple levels but overall has been worth it. With the trials and tribulations aside, I still feel extremely psyched to share my vison with you all each and every wave. I can still remember the days in our shop casting, printing, cleaning parts, all in an effort to eventually get to this side of production. Though it comes with its own set of unique challenges, it still has been a great experience and I can't wait to keep expanding Spaced Out and what we have to offer.

Above is a stellar illustration sent over by Dillon Wheelock , concept artist for our friends-The Four Horsemen as well as a new Glyos enthusiast. He has been cooking up some really neat drawings that you should definitely check out!

Speaking of  The Four Horsemen, we will be attending Legions Con this November 5th-6th down in Secaucus, New Jersey. We are excited to get back out and can't wait to see all of our fans and friends! There certainly will be a few unique surprises in store for people who are attending the show, so be sure to come by the booth and say hello.

As of this post, all orders with the exception of a small few have been sent out and many of you should have already recieved your orders. I truly hope you enjoy this round of figures as it stands as one of my favorite waves to date even though it may have been a tough one to get out. 

Thank you all again for your continued support and stay tuned for some more fun projects very soon!

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