Thursday, December 15, 2016

Prismirian Knight

As Prismiria starts to open up more to us, I am starting to introduce all new characters that have been in development for a few years in ABS form. One of my favorite Prismirian designs was originally titled "The Rhino" Prismirian. I ended up with the "Prismirian Knights" as I envisioned these guys being the elite guards to Geodraxus. I imagine the Knights were these stalwart subjects that were also vital protectors of Prismira. Geo knew since the fall of his brother to Acris that the planet needed more support. There was already too many potential threats in the System that put the entire Prismirian race at risk. New Prismirans were trained and the Prismic Defense was starting to form in a strong way. For now, Prismiria would be safe...

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