Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ghillie Up

     This is possibly one of my favorite figures to incorporate into the Banimon Custom Corps. While there is a wide array of different customs, I feel like this one in particular plays right into the Banimon aesthetic perfectly. I love this little guy! He is sporting a handmade ghillie suit along with a ghillie camo sniper with bi-pod!

     Excellent gun for hire, but his services do not come cheap! More soon.


  1. Holy crap. That's amazing! What's going on with the gun barrel, exactly?

  2. Thanks Roy!

    The barrel itself is made up of flush pegs and Glyan gun barrels. I think the parts made a great looking sniper barrel.

    The rest of the gun is Banimon parts. I also really like the deploy-able bipod. Just some really fun embellishments!