Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thank You!

Thank you to those who participated in last night's debut of the Spaced Out Design Shop! Last night's turnout exceeded my expectations, and your support is greatly appreciated! I just wanted you all to know you made the grand opening extra special for me, and forever have my thanks!

 A good amount of time has been invested into this project. After sculpting the Glyos compatible Treeborg parts, Matt inspired me on possibly doing another figure to go with these guys. We fooled around with the parts and he had some great ideas for a new figure. The Saplorite figure was planted in my head after that session.

If you look closely on the Saplorite figure, you will find a part of the sculpt is very reminiscent of Matt's style with a rooted twist. I took one of the handcast parts he had modified and built around it. Can you find it?
A very special thanks goes out to Matt for all his help, advice, guidance and input throughout this project. He has a strong impact on the things I have created and I am eternally grateful for everything he has done!

Another special thanks goes out to Marcus for putting the site together. He spent a lot of time and effort making this thing right. Also, he brought a lot of originality to the site and I couldn't be happier with the result! Thanks Bince!

And last but certainly not least, a special thanks to Jesse for providing his awesome artwork for this launch. He has been a huge support in all my creativity and I am lucky to work with him on special projects. You're the best bro!

Well, that was a mouthful! In terms of last night's sale, the shipping process will begin next week. So be on the lookout for notices then. Thanks again to everyone who checked out the latest oddities, and there is much more to come in 2013!

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