Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cast And Crew

Been fooling around with some casting equipment these past couple of weeks. I am still learning a lot about how this all works. The pics I threw up show some urethane glyos compatible heads I have been working on. Ventros, Is the helmeted warrior above and the cube shaped dude is Acrobot. One of these days when I get some more time I will write some of the background for these guys. I have a story to tell. These are by no means perfect. There are some extra procedures and equipment that I don't have. Yet. However I will be hopefully be moving all my stuff into a studio and be getting a pressure pot and making new molds. I want to really get all the detail out of my sculpts and perfect this process. I want to personally thank Marty, The Godbeast, for answering some questions I had about this. Him being a very good friend of mine, and a superb maker of the fine toys, I knew he was my go-to-guy. I also want to thank Jesse for all the inspiration that bearded son of a bitch gave me. Most of these heads were sculpted in the seat he paints in. I feel honored to have a friend like him. Also I want to thank Matt for being such an incredible inspiration to me and letting me tell my story. He has really brought us a cool and innovative toy line that I truly love! I am unsure what I will do with the casted heads I have. I mainly have been practicing with colors and such. I might smooth over the imperfections and paint them up. Ill be posting more over the coming weeks as things rapidly progress...

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