Thursday, April 10, 2014

Setting The Stage

Over the past few weeks I have been working on pushing Geodraxus to a whole new level. I really wanted to tighten him up and refine the figure to make it even better. Taking these steps has taught me a lot about the toy making world. It really pays off to spend extra time on an existing project!

On a related note, I have  the honor of working with Ron Daley. For those of you that doesn't know who Ron is, you can check some of the links below to see some of the projects he has worked on. A true toy genius!

Ron and I have teamed up and we are taking Geodraxus above and beyond in his new MK IV state. Geo has been in the works in his various forms for over a year now. Kind of crazy how time passes us by! Ill post an old drawing from winter of 2012 soon when I first started designing him.

So, now that the sculpts are where I want them, I will be making some master molds with Ron and incorporating the same joint system that Matt and him made many years ago. Thats right, just like the Rechlen and Aves figures and first Travelers. Bridging the gap between Matt's world and mine, has been something I have always look forward to seeing.

More on all of this soon!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Super Robots Giant Monsters !

Collection DX is holding a very special event this Saturday, March 29th, from 11AM -7PM in  Lowell, Massachusetts. The event is called Super Robots Giant Monsters. There will be many vendors slinging all kinds of art and toys! Check the SRGM link to see some of the people that will be at the show.

There will be a limited run of Geodraxus Mk III figures available at the show ! Hope to see you there!

I have also been putting in some serious work on ole Geo ! There will be some more pics soon , but for now here are some shop pics.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back To Prismiria

     After spending some time in an alternate dimension, Geodraxus returns to his planet Prismiria . Only to have come home to a Neo-Cataclysm...

     Back in the shop and crankin' ! Working on a few projects and getting old Geo rolling for his proper online release. There will be some more pictures popping up over the next few weeks as well.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


We have been getting bombarded with the white stuff the past couple of days and it is safe to say winter is  here. Its amazing how fast the seasons change sometimes. 

I was hoping to do a proper launch of Geodraxus before this year ends. Unfortunately, time did not see it that way. The last thing I wanted to do was rush the project, so I am taking a step back for the holidays.

I also have some other projects in the works for 2014 that I am excited about. Some solo stuff and some collaborations with friends is on tap! 

I will be working on this release through the holidays and will post some WIP photos as I am chuggin' along. Check back for some new stuff soon!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Monster Kolor Craze

     Couple of Glyos customs I did for the "It Came From The Pressure Pot" gallery show at Monster Kolor ! These are some Geodraxus MK II kits mixed with some buildman parts. They are dyed, painted and clear coated with Monster Kolor Products! The gallery is Tomorrow, November 9th at 7pm in Middleboro, Ma! More info over at Monster Kolor's Site . Anything that is left over from the Gallery will be available online shortly after the show! See you there!

Monday, October 28, 2013

NYCC Wrap-Up

     NYCC was an incredible experience and I had a blast with old friends and new friends! Matt and Jesse were kind enough to give me ample time at their table and let me show off one of my latest projects, Geodraxus. Between the con and the food crawls, I did not want to come home!

     So the post con stuff is now available for purchase. Since there is not a lot left, I am doing email order system. If you see anything that you would like to purchase, email me at - !

      The top three pictures are the Geodraxus Mk II Glyos Resin Kits. These are specifically tooled for the Glyos System Series toys! The full version has sold out but they will be available soon! These resin kits are $25 each plus $3 shipping (Domestic) International orders please ask for shipping price.

     The last three pictures are the rubber Saplorite figures. These are $10 each plus $3 shipping .

     Ill be getting back into the shop shortly to work on the Official Geodraxus Online release. Aiming to have it before the year is over. Just coming out of decompression mode now!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NYCC 2013


      New York Comic Con is almost here and we are prepared for this awesome event! This will be my fourth year returning and I can't wait to see everyone!

    Here is the breakdown of what I will have available at the Onell Design Booth#102. 

     Geodraxus MK III -$40
     Geodraxus MK II Glyos Upgrade Kits - $25
     Rubber Saplorites- $10
     Dead Presidents Rubber PrisZilla - $10

     There will also be some sneak surprise stuff going on at the table as well! So keep checking back to see whats going on!